Bespoke Commissions

Ideal as a special gift, or if you want a unique piece of art in your home or garden. We can produce one-off pieces to your specification. For our overseas customers, we are able to produce pieces that can be transported home in a suitcase. Please give John a call to discuss requirements.

Carots Elm Hare.jpg Cat Elm.jpg Dragons Duel water feature.JPG Eagle & fish Yew .JPG Eagle Yew.JPG Gaint 3 Leaf Gunnera .jpg Gaint 6 Foot Dragonfly.jpg Gaint Ball Flower .JPG Hampton Top Bullrush.jpg Hippo.JPG Hippo 2.JPG Howling wolf .JPG Moongazing Hare & moon.JPG Moongazing Hare ,Moon & Tree.jpg Penguin Yew .JPG Penguin yew front.JPG Ringing Tree .JPG Tree Nymph.JPG Tree Nymph2.JPG Trree Spirit ,Squirrel & Owl Yew .JPG Weatherr vane .JPG Wooden Otter Root Sculpture.JPG Yew Kio Root Sculpturev.JPG Yew Meerkat.JPG giant gunnera 3 leaf.jpg