Root Sculptures

John's Root Sculptures are fully customisable, elements such as flowers, leaves, butterflies, dragonflies and kingfishers can be added or removed to your requirements and sculptures come in a wide range of sizes.

Below is a small selection of Root Sculpture examples. More images and details of the full range are available on request.

For any enquires, or to discuss a bespoke piece, please contact John at

a. 3 Headed Arum Lily.jpg b. Mixed Stainless and Copper Ferns.jpg c. Copper Frog on Stainless Steel Lily Pad.jpg d. Titanium Flower.jpg e. Mouse and Dragonfly.jpg f. Kingfisher and cups.jpg g, Frog and Dragonfly.jpg h. 3 Headed Stargazer Lily.jpg i. Mouse and flower.jpg j. 3 Headed Bluebell with Butterfly.jpg k. 3 Headed Orchid.jpg l. Assortment of small and medium Root Sculptures.jpg m. Hosta.jpg n. Mouse and Butterfly.jpg o. Root Sculpture Assortment.jpg p. Twin Bullrushes and Dragonflies.jpg q. Twin Bullrush with Dragonfly.jpg r. Dragonfly and Lily with Flower.jpg s. 3 Headed Poppy.jpg t. Titanium Iris Root Sculpture 1.jpg u. 6 Leaf Acer (avaiable in Fatsia, Acanthis and other leaf styles).jpg v. Mouse and Snail.jpg w. Wooden Headed Mushrooms.jpg x. Root Assortment.jpg y. Root Assortment.jpg

Large Root Sculptures

John's larger root sculptures can be up to 8 foot in height and can be bespoke to your requirements, incorporating any of the elements from the small features

a. 5 Headed Lily.jpg b. 5 Headed Orchid.jpg c. 5 Headed Bluebell.jpg d Horse Gate Sculpture.jpg