Wall Art

Stainless Steel and Copper wall art. Handcut, rolled and formed, designed to enhance any area. Suitable for wall/fence mounting, floor standing (on sticks) or for hanging from trees.

a. Large Dragonfly.jpg b. Dragon.jpg c. Green Man.jpg d. Large Celtic Dragonfly (30x30inches) (2).jpg e. Twin Bees on Blue.jpg f. Bees on Honeycomb.jpg g. S Pad with Dragonfly (18x15inches).jpg g. S leaf with dragonfly.jpg h. Butterfly.jpg i. Large Butterfly.jpg j. Dragon avaiable in Stainless Steel and Titanium (close up).jpg k. Large Celtic Butterfly.jpg l. Dragonfly.jpg m. Art Nouveau Butterfly (19x15inches) (2).jpg n. Swallow in Nest Wall Planter (12x12inches).jpg o. Bee circle.jpg p. Green Man (close up).jpg q. Copper Horse Head.jpg r. Spider and Web (24x22inches) (2).jpg

Rod Art

Bird Baths