Wildlife Wood Carvings

Larger-than-life wildlife wood carvings from natural, locally sourced Yew, Elm and Walnut. Our most popular designs include owls, eagles and hares, but we are able to produce just about anything - just let us know your requirements.

a. Eagle Owl.jpg b. Sat Heron Root.jpg c. Running Hare.jpg d. English Elm Owl.jpg e. Moon Gazing Hare.jpg f. Face and Barn Owl.jpg g. Sitting Hare.jpg h. Boxing Hares.jpg i. Hawk (Back).jpg j. Twin Owls.jpg k. Twin Squirrels (avaiable as single).jpg l. Barn Owl on Wing.jpg m. Yew Owl.jpg n. Hunting Heron Root.jpg o. Owl and Woodpecker.jpg p. Eagle on Wing.jpg q. Elm Woodpecker.jpg r. Golden Eagle.jpg